Carillo, Corona, and Carillon – The Medicine for Effective Remote Work

Looking to ease remote work? Choose Carillon over Carillo!

Howdy! I, Timo Ruuska, as the only Zebra Man at Centero (check out the story behind the name on LinkedIn) I figured it was time to give a free tip on how many of our customers have made their remote work easier.

Maybe you read the headline and made the conclusion that Carillo, the legendary Finnish bitter, will help you in surviving the months-long state of emergency caused by Covid-19. I’m not going to explore that option in this blog, but instead tell you how Centero Carillon will make life easier for both you, the end-users, and the IT department, especially in these exceptional times.

During the state of emergency both companies and employees have had to make various changes into their work methods and routines. Many organizations have been forced to rethink their operational methods with the remote workers stuck at home facing a new reality, in more ways than one. This has put a huge load on all of us, but especially on the organizations’ IT departments.

Carillon lends a hand to IT admins

As we all should know, permanent Admin rights are in no way a cyber secure option. But it’s a major usability issue, if the end-users can’t perform even the smallest necessary task without a remote connection from the support services and their admin rights.

A compromise of some sorts between cyber security and usability is almost always a necessity. Carillon was created precisely for this reason. With Carillon, the end-user can perform tasks requiring admin rights as self-service, in a safe and controlled way.

The message we are hearing from our customers? Carillon has been the answer to many previously challenging situations. As I mentioned before, the IT departments have been heavily overloaded in this rather abnormal situation.  There are many cases where the support personnel haven’t been able to perform their system admin role on customers’ workstations, as the remote workers have not had VPN on their devices.

Here the user has been able to request a temporary admin right from the support, making the process easy and simple. Alternatively, the user can perform the entire operation independently as a self-service.

The number of tickets coming to the support has decreased, and both employee productivity and cyber security increased.

The compromise between cyber security and usability wasn’t necessary after all, but instead both of them were improved!

Carillon lends a hand to the end-user

As I mentioned, a large share of the employees has been forced to adjust their way of working and move to the home offices, where one of the biggest challenges are the constant interruptions. No matter how much we love our families, their noises are bound to affect our work at the home office. This is the new normal under the state of emergency, and we must all adapt to it. There’s not much you can do about the noises of living and the interruptions.

But there’s a lot you can and you should do about how well your IT systems work and how smooth is your work process: these are the interruptions you can eliminate.

Many of you know the frustration you feel when your work flow is at its best, and all of a sudden you notice you need admin rights to run an application or another process.

From the point of view of cyber security, it’s of course a good thing every user doesn’t have permanent admin rights, but this can have a significant effect on usability, productivity, and especially the nerves of individual users.

Traditionally, in a situation like this, an employee has no choice but to contact the IT support, and the cavalry naturally takes a while to arrive. And like I said, with the remote connections they might not be able to arrive at all.

If and when the situation is resolved, the flow might very well be history, and you are stuck waiting for a new inspiration. Clearly not good for your productivity.

Carillon is an exact medicine to the battle between cyber security and smooth workflow. You shouldn’t waste a good flow waiting for help: with Carillon you can perform a task requiring admin rights easy, fast, cyber securely, and most of all cost-effectively.

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