Centero Carillon Cloud Is About to Take Access Right Management Into the Cloud

Until now, Centero Carillon has been a traditional server environment service, because that has been the best way for us to meet the users’ needs. But soon it’s time for Centero Carillon to take the next step – the SaaS step!

Centero’s clientele increasingly includes companies with their IT environment mainly in cloud services, or at least with a strong hybrid model where cloud services and traditional server environment support one another.

Until now, Centero Carillon has been limited to the customers operating in server environment, but this is about to change. Centero Carillon Cloud is a SaaS-based service with which you can execute tasks that require admin rights, as self-service, without permanent admin rights. The service will be available in early 2022.

Centero Carillon Cloud only requires a client on workstations to run, and it is managed from the management portal just like Centero Software Manager.

Centero Carillon Cloud is suitable for completely new, cloud-native customers, and also for old Centero Carillon customers who, for instance, find themselves increasingly using the Azure AD log-in or sometimes work purely in a cloud environment.

Thanks to Centero Carillon and Centero Carillon Cloud, you no longer need to be handing out ID’s and passwords for users, as they can get temporary admin rights as a self-service. With Centero Carillon, you can run admin-right requiring tasks fast, easy, and cyber securely, without permanently elevated access rights.

Centero Carillon Cloud will be available in early 2022. Think the service would fit the needs of your company or organization? Contact Kimmo!

Kimmo Pitkänen
+358 40 054 5567