Centero Carillon now has REST API

Our customers’ wishes were heard and implemented by our product development.

We have built an interface that can be used to command Centero Carillon. It makes it possible that functionalities of Carillon can be automated into other processes of the organization.

The first version of the Carillon REST API allows you to manage group rules for individual Windows devices.

This can be used to automate the management of local administrator rights, for example, by integrating Carillon to IAM system that supports REST interface.

Later, other features such as assigning activation codes and creating other Carillon management rules, which are currently only available through the Carillon management portal, will be added to the interface.

If your organization is interested in the interface, you can get more information from our customer support. You can also contact us via chat or your Centero contact person.

The documentation of API can be found here.