Centero Has Become a Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

We are proud to announce that Centero has become a member of MISA, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association. To be accepted into its ranks is a cause of celebration for us, and it will also benefit our customers and partners in the long run.

2021 hasn’t wholly been the breakaway year from the chaos of 2020 as it was expected to be, but luckily for us, there have been some real high points. In addition to hosting two hugely successful webinars and getting ready to launch our new Centero 365 Manager, being accepted to MISA was obviously a huge thing for everyone at Centero.

To those not in the know: MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their security products and services with Microsoft to better defend users against a world of increasing threats.

The mission of MISA is to provide better security for our shared customers by extending across the security ecosystem to share signals, increase visibility, and protect against cyber threats.

In other words, by joining MISA we are able to develop our expertise and to strengthen our integrations with Microsoft products and services of other MISA partners. We believe the membership gives us a new kind of credibility as a service provider and helps us build even stronger trust in our products, especially Centero Software Manager.

“Joining MISA is of course a great honor for us. The network is an excellent place to develop ourselves and strengthen our integrations with Microsoft products and MISA partners’ services”, says Teemu Tiainen while holding Centero’s MISA statue

Better Cyber Security with Peer Support

Centero was accepted into MISA for our integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and we feel that we share values not only with other MISA organizations but also with Microsoft itself – despite the huge difference in the sizes of our operations.

Cyber security is an extremely important consideration in Microsoft products and their customer environments, and the Zero Trust practices we implement in our solutions and thinking is adopted by Microsoft also. At Centero, we have never shied away from designing our software and services mainly for Windows environments, as it’s the best way to help our customers.

With MISA, we now have an even greater opportunity to provide extra value for customers by answering to cyber security challenges of different device environments more efficiently, and to offer better-functioning solutions for other concerns in their IT environments.

We hope that MISA enables us to learn new things, get peer support, and find new possibilities for collaboration with other members. Their insights are definitely welcome to help our product development. And of course we are hoping to get more international recognition for Centero and our products, that’s for sure.

Thanks for letting us share this great piece of news with you, and we’ll let you know when there’s more MISA-related news!

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Teemu Tiainen, Head of Customer Relationships, Marketing, and Sales