“Learning by Working Is Honestly Believed in at Centero” – Introducing Our New Application Packaging Superhero Henri Eloranta

Henri Eloranta on yksi Centeron ohjelmistopaketoijista

Henri Eloranta is our newest employee, an IT expert who started his career in games and enjoys Coen brothers’ movies in his spare time in addition to walking his dog, in the occasion that the dog is willing for a walk. Henri and Tero Laukkanen, whom he impressed during the recruitment process, spill the beans on what Centero gains with our new application packaging specialist.

– In my previous job we had negotiations with Centero about buying their services, and I was immediately intrigued by their work, Henri Eloranta says.

– When I noticed there was an open positiion, I thought this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Henri started working at Centero application packaging in late January, and he wanted the position also to develop his own skills.

– Companies where learning by doing is honestly believed in, are a rare breed these days. Centero gives you the possibility to develop yourself while working.

From Games to Packaging

Henri began his career as a game designer. Many would think that a transition from games to application packaging is a curious career move, but Centero’s fresh acolyte thinks it was wholly logical.

– When I went studying, game industry felt like the stuff of dreams. But after eight years my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I wanted to keep gaming as a dear hobby and not to know everything that happens in the backgroung, Henri states.

He is also grateful for Centero’s general approach in the recruitment process.

– Not everyone believes that you can learn tangible work skills in the gaming industry, at least when you’re not a coder. Centero had a completely open attitude towards me, and my background was seen as an asset.

Tero Laukkanen who led the recruiting, says that Henri made a strong impression while applying.

– Hunger for learning new things and enthusiasm to go forward was definitely there, Tero says.

– With Henri, we also get experience on testing processes and documentation, and I believe that when he rises to his full powers, we get useful development tips and ability to see our processes with fresh eyes.

Involved in Developing Centero Software Manager

Henri’s new skills and new insights will also be seen in the development of Centero Software Manager. The quality and functionality of update patches will be front and center in Henri’s job.

– Everything has seemed really interesting so far, new systems and the whole lot, he says.

– I was already aware of the strength of my skills, but Centero gives me the possibility to develop them even further. First update patches I assembled have already been distributed, and nothing has caught fire at least for now. I think that is a pretty good sign!

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