Our Cyber Security Survey Revealed Success Stories and Underlying Issues

From this year’s cyber security survey, we’ve learned that Finnish organizations are well equipped when it comes to cyber security, and the efforts we’ve made play a role in it. However, there’s still work to be done in the field of mobile device and IT environment management, and especially in environment development.

This year we conducted a web survey on cyber security and centralized device management. We got answers from more than 200 individuals from Finnish companies and other organizations of all shapes and sizes.

The data we got from the survey was a sight for sore eyes. Finnish organizations have learned their lesson on many of the issues we at Centero have wanted to teach our customers.

Securing e-mail from cyber security threats is at an excellent level, with a whopping 94 percent of the respondents stating it has been taken care of. And 90 percent of the respondents said their organization’s device management is centralized. In all of the questions, the yes-answers, indicating positive development, by far outweighed the no’s and the i-don’t-know’s.

However, the survey reveals the work is not over yet. Finnish companies should still pay far more attention on issues like mobile devices’ cyber security, IT-environment development, and managed and safe use of workstations, applications, and SaaS services within organizations. Luckily, the heroes at Centero are always ready to cape up and fly to our customer’s rescue in these issues as well.

Complete Results of Centero Cyber Security Survey

About a fifth of the organizations let their users to go wild on their workstations without any restrictions or access right management, and that’s clear reason to worry. Unlimited admin rights are a serious cyber security risk we highly recommend to tackle.

Both Centero Carillon and Centero 365 Manager are excellent solutions for closing ranks in a way that increases cyber security but doesn’t complicate users’ life unnecessarily.


If file management is solely dependent on a local server, not to mention having your important files scattered on external drives and USB memories, the situation is dangerous in so many ways. Most organizations use cloud services to save data, but when you remember how easy to use and widely available they are, 13 percent of No-answers is simply too much.

Centero 365 Manager helps your organization in easier and more secure file management. Don’t hesitate to ask more!


About 90 percent of the organizations participating in the survey have transitioned to centralized device management, and that is great news! Centero’s solutions aim to bring centralized management to every organization, regardless of their size, and C365M is a very functional solution for this as well.


Nowadays mobile devices are just as essential factor in an organization’s cyber security as workstations and laptops, and without centralized management and common security practices the risks are major. That’s why we are a bit concerned that almost 30 percent of the answers to this question were either No’s or I don’t know’s.

Phone is often seen as a personal device, even though the user can use it to access important and valuable organization data. Securing mobile devices without complicating the users’ life is a lot easier than you might think. Here too, it’s an excellent idea to contact us and learn more about Centero 365 Manager’s possibilities in mobile device management.


Mere percent of the respondents works in an environment with e-mail system unprotected from cyber threats, and that sure makes our superheroes happy! That one percent, and the 5 percent that ticked “I don’t know”, should contact us immediately – we’ll fix the situation for you in no time!


65 percent of the respondents said that their organizations do not oversee or manage installing applications or using SaaS service, and that’s frankly put damn concerning!

Centralized application management should be on every modern organization’s agenda. Not only is it essential for cyber security, but managed and systematic use of applications and services makes everyone’s work easier and improves the organization’s effectivity and productivity.

Centero Software Manager is an excellent solution for any organization wanting to centralize their application updates and management.


On a glance, these numbers don’t look bad, and almost 90 percent of the organizations have this covered. However, an IT environment is an essential requisite for their operations, so when you think of it, something is wrong big time if 11 percent of companies either do not develop their environments or are not sure of it.

I doubt any company would say their business doesn’t need constant development. Somehow, the attitude towards IT environment is a tad different. An evolving IT environment that is actively being developed is a huge asset for an organization, whereas an environment that does not evolve presents cyber security threats, slows down operations, and creates all kinds of other problems.

Centero 365 Manager is designed to develop a company’s IT environment together with the customer, and is adopts to both the company’s operations and the requirements of the ever-changing world.

Centero wants to thank everyone who participated in the survey, and wishes a merry Christmas and an effective and cyber-secure New Year 2022 for all!