Press Release: Centero Becomes a Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Press release
14 September 2021


Centero, a company from Jyväskylä, Finland, specialized in IT environment’s device management and automatization, has been approved as a member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) for their integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

MISA joins together top experts in cyber security

MISA is an ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISV) and managed security service providers (MSSP) that have integrated their security products and services with Microsoft to better defend against a world of increasing threats. MISA’s mission is to provide better security for our shared customers by extending across the security ecosystem to share signal, increase visibility, and protect against cyber threats.

“Joining MISA is of course a great honor for us. The network is an excellent place to develop ourselves and strengthen our integrations with Microsoft products and MISA partners’ services. At the same time, we believe the membership gives us new credibility and with that, new trust in our product, Centero Software Manager, CSM that automatizes application updates”, says Teemu Tiainen, Centero’s head of customer relationships, marketing, and sales.

The customer benefits from CSM on many levels. With the automatized updates, the applications are always up to date, and the level of cyber security is high. In addition, CSM is a cost-effective solution for device environments: it saves the IT administration’s time and takes care of the updates without disturbing the end-users’ work. For service providers CSM’s multi-tenant management offers a possibility to manage several end-customer’s environments at once.

For Microsoft and Centero alike, cyber security is an extremely important consideration in their products and their customer environments.

Even Better Services for Customers Thanks to the Membership

With MISA, Centero now has an even greater opportunity to help customers in the device environments’ cyber security challenges and offering functioning solutions for different situations.

“We hope that thanks to MISA we’ll learn new things, get peer support, and find new possibilities for collaboration with other MISA members. Their insights are definitely welcome to our product development,” Tiainen says.

“We also believe that MISA will give us positive publicity and visibility that helps us to open doors to new international markets for our CSM service,” continues Kimmo Pitkänen, Centero’s head of foreign sales.

“Customers need to be confident that their sensitive data, employees’ identities, applications, infrastructure, and endpoints are secure. We have invested in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to provide customers with more options that meet their unique security requirements,” says Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Lead.

Centero specializes in solutions for efficient and centralized device management, and the company’s services help IT service providers and organizations’ IT units around the world.

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