With Centero Carillon work without admin rights is easy

Centero Carillon has new features that give a workstation environment’s admin even more options for configuring user ID’s and groups.We’ve rethought the models available for the admin, and made both end-users’ lives and the IT support’s work easier.
The admin can give the users different models for performing the operations that require admin rights.The admin can easily configure whether a certain user or a user group needs to follow a model where the IT support has a tighter control for admin right operations, or a model where the end-user can act more independently.

The easiest way to work without admin rights

With theCenteroCarillon access right management tool, it’s easier than ever to perform operations without permanent admin rights!The model is based on self-service, requires little effort from the end-user, and doesn’t burden the organization’s IT support.

Rights not sufficient?

User is trying to do something that requires wider access rights, and Windows asks for an admin ID.

Self-service operation withCenteroCarillon

With Carillon, the user can perform the operation requiring admin rights as self-service – with no burden to the IT support.

It takes just one click

The user types in the reason they need to perform the operation and clicks “Yes” in the Windows dialog.

Operation performed!

The user can perform the operation, thanks to Centero Carillonin, and the work can continue without interruptions. The life of an information worker can be this easy, when the organization usesCenteroCarillon user right management tool.

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Improved admin control and comprehensive reports

When an organization uses Carillon, the workstation environment’s admin has better control over access right management. The admin can configure rules for each user and workstation, with even more options than before.

Thanks to the new and improved reporting feature, the IT support has easy, real-time access to information on the entire device environment’s user rights.With Carillon, the admin’s database will keep a log of the time stamps on when the elevated access rights were used, improving the environment’s cyber security risk management.

The admin will always have up-to-date information on when Carillon has been used to perform admin-level operations.
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