Centero 365 Manager

When you want order in the chaos of your everyday Microsoft 365 environment, you shall receive. Your watchful protector, your friend in zero trust based endpoint management, Centero 365 Manager will always be there for you.

The Steadfast Guardian of Your IT Environment

Is your IT environment in a state of disarray? Are you scared of cloud services collapsing? Do constant IT support calls make you want to cry?

Centero 365 Manager brings order in your IT environment and gives your organization the chance to work in peace, instead of constantly solving random problems.

A Constantly Developing Service for centralized IT Management

In these times, devices are mobile and cloud services bring the beat behind everyday work. That’s why centralized management of your whole IT environment is such an important factor.

Centero 365 Manager is an agile service that monitors your Microsoft 365 environment and all connected devices without ever resting. Whenever there is a vulnerability or any other problem, Centero experts will solve it in advance.

Centero 365 Manager is based on modern zero trust thinking, so it also provides ironclad cyber security by constant development

Adapt your Environment for the Needs of Modern Work

A service designed with mobile endpoints, cloud services, and remote work in mind.

Principle of constant development supports your operations in a constantly changing world.

A service solution that scales with your business and provides top-notch cyber security.

Fixed monthly price includes everything you need for centralized IT management.

“We wanted our IT infrastructure to meet today’s demands”

– Ossi Jormakka, R&D Manager, Buildercom

Four Service Plans to Guard Them all

There are four different Centero 365 Manager plans available, depending on the needs of the customer organization.

Basic is a good choice for small organizations with limited development needs. Business and Premium plans are the real deal with all goodies and lots of resources for development.

Admin fits organizations with lots of their own IT expertise but needing support for developing and managing their IT environment.

The Road to Future Is Light to Travel

Centero 365 Manager is built by pioneers for other pioneers and everyone who strives to be on the front lines of modern IT. The service is for users who demand high-caliber functionality, the best modern IT thinking, and cyber security that is only a daydream for those left behind. By centralizing your management, your IT environment will be secure, constantly developing, and more efficient.

  • An agile service solution, scaled to your needs and supporting efficient operations.
  • Answers every challenge you have with the implementation, management, and development of your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Fixed and clearly defined monthly price is scaled on the amount of users.
  • Strongly built on the foundation of zero trust principles.
  • Monitors every basic component of modern IT environments: data, applications, endpoint devices, and user identities together with the whole IT infrastructure.
  • Monthly reviewed development with surfacing ideas integrated for use.
Lassi is Sales Manager at Centero.

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