Constant Development for More Flexible Operations

Centero experts are aware that no IT environment is ever complete. At the same time, we want your environment to be as safe and efficient as possible. That is why Centero 365 Manager never stops developing.

The metrics that monitor your IT environment develop constantly, while your environment itself develops – and the service develops along with them. We go through the development process each month with the customer, and the ideas that come up will be integrated for use in the individual service solution.

The Customer Benefits from the Principle of Constant Development in Various Ways:

  • frequent monitoring and development meetings
  • going through new features together
  • reviewing previous admin operations
  • development suggestions and projects in cooperation with Centero
  • implementing new Microsoft 365 features
  • reviewing Centero-designed monitoring alarms
  • development work using statistics collected from MS 365 Tenant
  • getting the big picture of the IT environment concerning devices and users
  • all of this in an agile and cooperative manner as agreed upon.

“Centero support functions are significantly better than those of our previous service providers.”

– Kimmo Saartoala, Executive Vice President, Mateko

Lassi is Sales Manager at Centero.

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Lassi Myllyniemi

Account Manager