Four Different Service Plans, Flexible Pricing

There are four different Centero 365 Manager plans available. They are all tailored with specific needs and different IT environments in mind. From Basic to Business and Premium, and Admin for very particular organizations, Centero 365 Manager will always be there to guard your environment and develop it every day of the year.

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For Organizations with Varying Needs

Our Basic, Business, and Premium plans are designed to cover the needs of all kinds of organizations with different demands for IT support and development.

Basic – for the Needs of a Small Organization

Our Basic plan is recommended for organizations with 10–20 workstations.

Basic Price/month250€
Unit Price/month1 €
Main user support

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Business – the Whole Package for Large Organizations

Our Business plan is suited for larger organizations with the need for advanced features.

Basic Price/month700€
Unit Price/month2 €
Main user support
Device management

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Premium – Putting Development First

Our Premium plan is for organizations with high demands for development.

Basic Price/month900€
Unit Price/month2 €
Main user support
Device management

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Expert IT Assistance for IT Experts

Our Admin plan is for IT specialists who primarily need support in developing their own IT environment. Centero experts are well-versed in also helping other professionals.

Admin – for the Specialists

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Service plan tailored for customers who may be IT specialists themselves but need a hand in developing their own environment.

Basic Price / month400€
Unit Price / month1 €
Main user support

For All Kinds of Organizations

From small businesses with insufficient IT support resources to IT professionals who need expert advice on the development of their environment, there is a Centero 365 Manager service plan for almost every organization you can imagine.

Support for Different Operating Systems

You don’t have to be a Windows workstation user to reap the benefits of Centero 365 Manager. The service is also available for Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux environments, with some varying device management features.

Constant Development Always Included

Whatever your service plan or your operating system is, Centero experts are always there to help you develop your IT environment. There are development meetings and regular development work included in every plan.

Feature List

Basic price (€/month)300400250700900
Unit price (€/month)11122
Constant development
C365M Metrics access (read only)
Main user support
Device management (Android, iOS, Linux*, Mac, Windows)***
Lassi is Sales Manager at Centero.

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