Limited Trust Brings Maximal Security

Nowadays most of the valuable data of businesses and other organizations is stored in the cloud, mobile phones and other endpoint devices are constantly on the move with their users, and cyber crime is on the rise. 

Zero trust is a modern way of thinking, which also giant organizations such as Microsoft implement in their operations. Centero 365 Manager is built on zero trust foundation. The principle enables taking into account the demands of new kinds of work environments and new kinds of work, especially from a cyber security point of view.

Built on a Strong Zero Trust

IT environment comprises devices and applications used by the organization and its employees, but also ones used by customers and partner organizations. The environment is often far more complex than thought, and for the same reason there are multiple threats:

  • phishing
  • identity theft
  • broken and stolen devices
  • confidentiality breaches
  • weak passwords
  • too extensive admin rights
  • user and admin mishaps
  • malware, ransomware, and viruses
  • weaknesses in network security.

Zero Trust Security Model Enables Centero 365 Manager to Protect

  • user information
  • devices
  • data
  • applications
  • IT infrastructure
  • networks.
Lassi is Sales Manager at Centero.

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