Centero Carillon

With local admin rights as its rightful obsession, it may be simple but it is also brilliant. Our admin overlord rules sovereign, helping you toss out useless admin rights while taking care of cyber security with an iron fist but a loving touch. Centero Carillon is all you need for your local access rights management.

Say No to Pointless Admin Rights

Some experts estimate that approximately 90 percent of all Windows vulnerabilities could be made impossible to exploit by getting rid of unnecessary admin rights.

So take a leap to an environment with no more unnecessary permanent admin rights and no more unnecessary cyber security risks with other related problems. With Centero Carillon, you can easily grant temporary admin rights in your Windows environment and enhance security for all users.

Admin Rights as Self-service

When a user needs temporary admin rights to perform an operation, here’s how easy it is!

1 No sufficient

A user tries to do something
requiring admin privileges.

2 It takes just
a click.

The user types in the reason they need to perform the operation, then clicks Yes in the Windows dialog.

3 Result!

The user performs the operation, and their work continues without interruptions, without ever needing admin rights.


Simple and Tangible Benefits

  • Improved cyber security with local access right management, limiting risks of malware and incorrect user operations.
  • Your specialists in IT support can focus on more demanding operations, as users can perform admin-level operations independently when – and only when – needed.
  • Simple reporting of user rights exceptions.
  • Getting rid of pointless permanent admin rights.

Simply More Efficient Work

  • Effortless and fast operations when user rights exceptions are needed.
  • Internet access not required: offline use possible for instance while travelling.
  • Work without interruptions and let Centero Carillon take care of privileged access management.

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“With Centero Carillon, you can manage access rights in a centralized manner, which saves time, is easy to manage on a global level, and something service desks really benefit from.”

– Tomi Hietamies, IT Solution Manager, Valmet Technologies

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