Three Different Ways to Simplify Your Local Admin Rights Management

Centero Carillon is designed for versatile operations that serve both the users and the IT support. Here’s how simple it is to use Centero Carillon for local admin rights management.

1. Performing the operation with an activation code2. Performing the operation as self-service with a separate user ID3. Performing the operation as self-service with the user’s own ID
User’s point of viewGood for situations where the user seldom needs admin rights or works offline.Easy way for the user to perform the operation locally.The user can effortlessly perform operations that for example require access to shared data.
IT support’s point of viewIT has stricter control as help desk grants the activation code.Does not burden IT support.Does not burden IT support.

“We barely get any requests for admin rights anymore. I’d say that is one of the biggest benefits. And the end-user’s life is easier, as there is a clearly defined process for access right requests.”

– Timo Tuominen, ICT Infrastructure Manager, Valmet Automotive

Control and Reporting Doesn’t Get Any Better or More Simple

The administrator of the workstation environment gains better control over local access right management through Centero Carillon.

  • More possibilities when setting the rules for temporary access models for different users and devices.
  • Admin database will keep a timestamp log on the use of the activation keys, improving cyber security risk management.
  • If a code is used offline, the information is saved on the database the next time the device connects to the internet.

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