Centero Software Manager

Our supreme manager is the one you call when the patch and application management game gets really tough. Meet Centero Software Manager. From this point on, you will have no other masters concerning application management and patching.

Everyone Deserves Automated Updates

3rd party application patch management in your organization can’t simply be efficient and secure if it is still done manually. Would you like to enhance the cyber security of your IT environment considerably with automated updates? And how about saving time and sparing your nerves by automating the whole patch management process? Try CSM for free and get to know all the benefits!

From Patch Management to Extensive Application Environment Management

Centero Software Manager is an excellent tool for not only update management, but managing the entire lifecycle of your applications, from installation to uninstallation, and taking control of the whole application environment.

Centero Software Manager is a sensible choice for every organization with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Intune, or WSUS in use. Automated software updates save everyone’s time, streamline effectiveness, and keep third party applications’ cyber security threats at bay. A solution we initially developed for ourselves is now available to help your organization as well.

Here’s how CSM will make your life easier:

  • No more manual updates – you’ll save valuable time with automated, controlled software updates.
  • With third-party applications always up to date, you’ll minimize the risk of vulnerabilities.
  • IT support can focus on development instead of fixing problems created by faulty update patches, applications being out of date and so on.
  • The end users can focus on their work.

What Our Customers Think About CMS

“With CSM, No one needs to start downloading applications or updates when there’s a scheduled installation running automatically in the background”

– Patrick Juuti, Kaukokiito Transport Services

“Originally, we had already chosen another product for our third-party application updates, but Centero Software Manager trial convinced us to choose CSM instead.”

– Ari Rantala, Enfo

“Centero Software Manager practically automates the entire process, and the only thing we have to do is deliver the applications to the workstations the way that we want them.”

– Tero Ikäheimonen, Finavia

High-Quality Solution with a Carefully Considered List of Applications

The high quality of Centero Software Manager is built on hard work by our application packaging experts and a careful selection of supported applications. The application list is put together according to the needs and wishes of our customers, and new applications are added constantly. Our role as experts is to control the length of the list so that we can provide the best possible quality.

Three Different Product Versions Available

Centero Software Manager is available as three different editions for different distributing services: CSM for Intune, CSM for MECM, CSM for WSUS. The pricing depends on the number of workstations in your environment.

Application Management Protects Against Threats

Neglecting updates for third party applications is a major security threat for organizations. Automating software security updates with CSM ensures that all third-party applications in use are up to date, which means outdated applications won’t be causing any hidden vulnerabilities in your organization’s IT environment.

Those vulnerabilities are practically an invitation to cyber criminals.

In many organizations, there just isn’t enough time for monitoring, downloading, packaging, testing, and deploying updates – which means dangerous compromises being made between cyber security and time allocation. Avoiding a cyber security disaster is easy: just use Centero Software Manager to automate your organization’s third-party application security updates.

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