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Better Work Through Application Management

Every computer user knows this situation: you are happily working, and suddenly update notifications and restart orders appear on your screen and interrupt your work. According to a survey Centero conducted, security patches confuse and annoy users.

When security updates are automated on all Windows workstations, devices and servers in a centralized manner, the end users don’t need to spend their time with update management and waiting around. They can instead do something actually productive on their working time.

With Centero Software Manager, IT support doesn’t need to spend all of their time on routine tasks related to update management but can rather focus on important task that cannot be automatized.

CSM update management runs according to predefined settings, which means the updates and installations can be scheduled for a specific time that is the most convenient for your organization. You can choose to update at the earliest possible convenience to keep your cyber security always top-notch and keep the threats at bay.

With Centero Software Manager, you can install and update – and all of this fully automatized and centralized. Update management has never been easier.

Centralized Application Management

Centero Software Manager frees up more time for all employees. When applications are managed automatically and in a centralized manner, everyone can focus on tasks that are actually productive.

Automating Security Updates

Third-party applications waiting for an update cause a significant security risk to organizations of all shapes and sizes. CSM keeps the applications up to date and helps to combat the vulnerabilities caused by out-of-date third-party applications.

Effortless Application Deployment

With CSM, it’s easy to automate even the most complex application deployment process.


What is Patch Management?

Patch management is a software update management process where the updates are fetched, processed, and deployed onto the devices in the device environment. You can manage your security patches manually as well, but nowadays there are several patch management tools that automatize each phase of the manual work.

Centero Software Manager is one of them, although as an application management tool it lends itself to far wider uses.

Why Does One Need Centralized Patch Management?

  • Applications update constantly due to security and functionality, and centralized update management is the easiest and safest way to keep the application environment up to date.
  • Patch management helps in analyzing the applications within a system and detecting the lack of security features and other functions that might call for an update.
  • Updates help fixing issues that are detected after the software has already been released.

The Patch Management Process

The patch management process consists of attaining, testing, and installing patches to a computer’s applications and software tools. The security patch management process keeps the existing patches up to date on all the workstations.

Typically, the process has six steps:

1 Detecting the vulnerability

2 Comparing your own inventory with the vulnerability

3 Downloading needed update package

4 Testing the patch

5 Deploying the patch

6 Confirming the patch was installed successfully. the patch

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