CSM is suitable for different environments

Centero Software Manager packs application updates to an easily distributed form and distributes the installations to workstations automatically. We have different versions of CSM for different distribution services and operating environments. 

Application DeploymentCSM for IntuneCSM for MECMCSM for WSUS
Fully automatized application deployment process 
Deploy and update your environment’s CSM supported applications automatically..
Scheduled application deployment
Schedule the application deployment using the flexible scheduling settings.
Application updates 
Keep the CSM supported applications always up to date. Never compromise with cyber security.
Modifiable deployment process 
Benefit from device groups when defining the schedule and deployment settings. For example, you can create a separate testing and product deployments.
Application installation in the background
Install and update applications silently in the background without any disturbance to the end user.
No unexpectedly closing applications 
You can ensure an undisturbed working environment for the end user with the application restart disabled.
No unpredictable boot behavior 
With the controlled delivery of application updates, you don’t need to worry about uncontrollably booting devices.
Device- and application-based deployment targeting
You can manage which application will be installed on which device.
Deployment of customer-specific applications 
You can deploy your organization’s own applications as well. Included for extra fee.
Customer-specific application settings 
Application settings can be defined according to your organization’s needs. Included for extra fee.
Ability to uninstall applications deployed by CSM
Uninstall CSM supported applications from your environment using deployment system when they are no longer needed.
Application PackagesCSM for IntuneCSM for MECMCSM for WSUS
Installation packages made for organizational use
Application installation packages are always made professionally, according to the industry’s best practices.
Thoroughly tested installation and operation of packages 
All installation packages are thoroughly tested on all supported operating system versions and in every phase of life-cycle like installation, updating and removal. We also always check the packages for malware. 
No adware in application packages 
Clean installation packages without any bloatware.
Manual use of installation packages 
Installation packages can be used for manual installations or, for example, when installing devices.
ManagementCSM for IntuneCSM for MECMCSM for WSUS
Web-based management portal 
You can configure the service, select applications and manage settings using a web-based management portal.
E-mail notifications 
You can send e-mail notifications on ongoing application deployments to the test group or directly to the end user.
Toast notifications
You can show (or choose not to show) Windows 10 toast notifications to end-users regarding application updates.
Maintenance windows 
Installation packages can be used for manual installationsDefine a suitable maintenance window for installing the application updates. You can define the time, day of the week, etc.or, for example, when installing devices.
OS DeploymentCSM for IntuneCSM for MECMCSM for WSUS
Task sequence auto-update
Task sequence feature allows importing application updates to task sequence automatically.
PlatformCSM for IntuneCSM for MECMCSM for WSUS
No need for client software on workstations 
With CSM for Intune, CSM for SCCM and CSM for WSUS, you don’t need client software on workstations for application deployments. However, if you wish to use the inventory reports, you need to install the client software.
Serverless configuration 
CSM for Intune needs on-premises servers because it’s cloud-based management system.
SupportCSM for IntuneCSM for MECMCSM for WSUS
Customer Support
Free and unlimited customer support for the main-users of customers.

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