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Application management in your organization can’t simply be efficient and secure if it is still done manually. Would you like to save time and spare your nerves by automating updates and the whole application management process in your IT environment? Try Centero Software Manager for free and find out!


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Everyone Deserves Automated Updates – Try Them for Free

Every organization must take seriously managing their IT environment as a part of efficient, secure, and reliable operations.

Automating the application environment and application updates play an important role in having the whole IT environment meet today’s expectations.

Very few businesses or other organizations have enough resources, time, and know-how in their IT support to test every application update on top of their other work.

At the same time, even a single faulty update patch can waste hours of working time, stop customer services from working, and cause major monetary losses.

Centero Software Manager is a SaaS solution for easy, automated application updates and centralized application management.

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