How Can Neglected Data Security Affect Your Business?

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Nowadays most of the valuable data of businesses and other organizations is stored in the cloud, mobile phones and other endpoint devices are constantly on the move with their users, and cyber crime is on the rise. IT environment comprises devices and applications used by the organization and its employees, but also ones used by customers and partner organizations. The environment is often far more complex than thought, and for the same reason there are multiple threats.

Centero 365 Manager – The Steadfast Guardian of Your IT Environment

  • An agile service solution, scaled to your needs and supporting efficient operations.
  • Answers every challenge you have with the implementation, management, and development of your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Fixed and clearly defined monthly price is scaled on the amount of users.
  • Strongly built on the foundation of zero trust principles.
  • Monitors every basic component of modern IT environments: data, applications, internet, endpoint devices, and user identities together with the whole IT infrastructure.
  • Monthly reviewed development with surfacing ideas integrated for use.

Are You Aware of All the Ways Data Security Affects Your Business?

Maintaining your IT environment is not free. The risks arising from a poorly maintained IT environment may cost you ten- or even hundredfold and, sometimes, the damage can be irreparable. Take our survey below to more easily identify the hidden risks of your operations. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability, and you will immediately find out the key risks of your operations and what to do about them.