Grant Temporary Admin Rights for a Workstation 

There is a way to tackle closed environment’s challenges without compromising the level of cyber security or work efficiency: Centero Carillon and temporary admin rights. With Carillon, it’s fast and easy to create a closed environment where the end-users can, whenever need be, request temporary admin rights from the IT support. With Carillon, you can manage Windows devices’ local user ID’s, user groups, and passwords in an efficient, centralized way. 

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Benefits of temporary access rights 

  • The level of information security improves when admin rights are only available for certain, thoroughly considered operations. 
  • Work is more efficient when you can install applications and drivers independently, without any help from the IT support. 
  • There is less burden on the IT support when the users can perform admin-level operations themselves where necessary. 

“Temporarily higher access right level is a great feature, and does not compromise information security. The user/device can get a random, temporary password and ID, and for this you don’t need to be connected to the internal network, or even have Internet access.” 
– Tomi Hietamies, Valmet Technologies Oy 

No Need to Compromise Cyber Security or Efficiency of Remote Work 

Enable the IT support to give the users temporary admin rights – even without internet access!