Cyber security expert Sami Laiho returns as a keynote speaker in the second Centero webinar on Zero Trust, this time focused on securing endpoint applications.

Zero Trust and Best Practices for Securing Endpoint Applications – Centero webinar featuring Sami Laiho

There are a million new malware programs every day. Antivirus-based thinking is dead and gone. The answer lies in Zero Trust, allow-listing, and efficient endpoint application management. Last February, we hosted a hugely successful webinar featuring renowned cyber security and access right specialist Sami Laiho. Now he returns to take us even deeper to the world of Zero Trust, backed up by his own experience in securing endpoint applications – even in environments of over 100,000 workstations.

Centero webinar featuring Sami Laiho: Zero Trust And Best Practices for Securing Endpoint Applications Date: Monday May 24, 2021, at 2.00 PM–3.00 PM (UTC+3) Speakers: Sami Laiho and Juha Haapsaari (Centero)

These are some of the themes we will visit:

  • How to ease your workload with allow-listing.
  • Is allow-listing difficult? (A hint: it is not.)
  • Implementing AppLocker to trim down your application portfolio.
  • Restricting admin rights to control your IT environment.
  • Managing and updating applications after allow-listing operations.

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