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Press Release: Centero Becomes a Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Press release 14 September 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Centero, a company from Jyväskylä, Finland, specialized in IT environment’s device management and automatization, has been approved as a member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) for their integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. MISA joins together top experts in cyber security MISA is an ecosystem of independent […]

Zero Trust and the Principle of Least Privileged Access

In my previous blog I covered Zero Trust principles in general. Now I’ll talk more about how Centero’s services contribute to certain areas of Zero Trust. It should be pointed out that the security model in question has several areas, all of which can be strengthened in numerous different ways. Centero Carillon and Centero Software Manager alone are not the […]

Circle of Zero Trust

Today’s trend word with a nasty ring to it? COVID-19. The corona virus has been a global plague for a full year now, and even organizations’ IT departments have had their share of it. One of the biggest challenges has been to deliver functional, safe, and efficient remote working conditions. Some organizations were already way […]

Centero Carillon now has REST API

Our customers’ wishes were heard and implemented by our product development. We have built an interface that can be used to command Centero Carillon. It makes it possible that functionalities of Carillon can be automated into other processes of the organization. The first version of the Carillon REST API allows you to manage group rules […]

Centero’s PAM product Carillon to Get Support for Azure AD

Advanced Customers Help Our Product Development Centero’s software development unit is currently working with Carillon. We’ve been already waiting for this feature for Carillon: a proper support for managing devices connected to Azure AD. The wishes for this new feature have been mainly coming from our customers that benefit from modern workstation management. And these are […]

Damn You Admin Rights!

Centero’s guru Janne Tjäder casts a few curses on admin rights.     What is a closed environment?  With a closed environment we mean a workstation environment where the end-users don’t have admin rights.  What this means for everyday life is that an end-user, with their own user ID, can’t perform any operations that require admin rights, such as installing an […]

Centero Carillon’s features beat Microsoft LAPS

Contemporary malware spreads like wildfire by using the vulnerabilities that careless planning and use can create. Any organization’s IT environment, where user’s devices have unnecessary system admin ID’s, is a true paradise for blackmailing ransomware and the likes.  If an organization wants to be truly cyber-secure, the way to manage and distribute user rights needs to […]

Sensible Access Right Management is the Key for Good Cyber Security!

The risk level of an organization’s cyber security, and the organization’s access right policy often go hand in hand. According to a survey conducted by Centero, there is a surprisingly large number of organizations where the access right management is not taken as seriously as it should be.   Centero conducted a survey with their customers, and the results […]

Admin Rights Management Improves Valmet Automotive’s Cyber Security

Valmet Automotive uses Centero Carillon to give out temporary admin rights. Thanks to Carillon, the IT support gets basically no requests to add user’s admin rights. And when the admin rights are temporary, cyber security is also better.   Valmet Automotive is a technology corporation offering auto industry services. The work of the company’s ICT Infrastructure Manager Timo Tuominen includes collaboration with Valmet Automotive’s IT-infra-related partners. One of […]

Valmet Manages Workstations’ Access Rights and User Groups with Centero Carillon

“With Centero Carillon, you can manage access rights in a centralized manner, which saves time, is easy to manage on a global level, and something Service Desks really benefit from. Implementation and updates have been trouble-free. We’ve been using Carillon tool for quite a while now, and it’s a suitable and more than anything an agile solution. The guys […]