How Can We Help? 


Small and Medium Enterprises 

Our services suit all companies, regardless of their size or industry. Our toolbox includes an IT environment’s comprehensive turnkey solution, designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises. You can trust us with monitoring your company’s entire IT environment, and use your own resources to more productive work. 

Large Companies 

We are also packing all the necessary software and modules any large company would need to support and ease the workload of their IT management. We’ll make the lives of IT management’s specialists easier with our device management and application packaging solutions. 

IT Service Providers 

Our service helps IT service providers to deliver even more value to their customers – usually with less work than before. We’ve created special, partnership-based policies for IT service providers. We have ample experience from collaboration with IT service providers, and we know what they look for in our services. If needed, our tools can also be embedded into the IT service provider’s own service offering on a white label basis. 

Organizations and Associations 

We also produce services for a large number of non-profit foundations and associations. We have, for example, helped many organizations and associations to benefit fully from Microsoft’s free Office 365 Nonprofit service package. It’s important for us to be able to help organizations that are doing something important for the society. It makes us happy to know that our work as an IT service provider has genuine value and effect.