Enterprise Level Application Management

Centralized application management is a crucial way to enhance cyber security in your organization and make life easier for all users. Enterprise level application management is available also for smaller organizations and businesses. Its benefits shouldn’t be overlooked.

What Does Enterprise Level Application Management Mean?

Despite the name, your organization doesn’t have to be a huge business or operate internationally to have enterprise level application management. Even a small business with a couple dozen workstations and other endpoints can manage their applications on enterprise level with a few simple steps:

  • Using Microsoft Intune for Mobile Application Management (MAM) and managing MAM policies.
  • Using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM) for enabling secure and scalable deployment of applications, software updates, and operating systems.
  • Implementing a centralized application management solution, such as Centero Software Manager, for automated and centrally controlled application lifecycle and update management.

How Does Centralized Application Management Benefit You?

  • Save working time by automating application installation and updates.
  • Get rid of data security vulnerabilities with third-party applications always up to date.
  • A clear and easy-to-use workstation environment, with no redundant applications and desktop icons.
  • A standardized IT environment where every user has the same update versions and configurations of shared software.
  • Enable a simple and thorough hardware inventory.
  • Easy, controlled uninstalling and deleting of applications no longer needed.
  • A secure, efficient, and productive application ecosystem = a more productive organization.

Choosing a Centralized Application Management Solution

There are several good solutions on the market for your enterprise level, centralized application management. When making a decision on your service provider, here are some aspects to consider.

Can you get your workstations and other endpoints with centrally pre-installed applications?

One important way to make onboarding new employees easier is to provide them with workstations and other devices with all pertinent applications pre-installed and configured according to their role and organizational standards. That is possible with Microsoft Intune and a centralized application management solution integrated with it.

Are update patches packaged in a secure way?

There are solutions available that are overtly automated also on the part of the service provider, so that update patches are downloaded from a third-party provider and then just packaged and deployed without further security or other considerations. Centero Software Manager background processes include Centero experts monitoring new update patches and verifying their safety throughout the packaging process and deployment.

What is the basis of pricing, and is the solution affordable?

Centralized application and patch management is almost always cost-efficient, as updating new software versions and maintaining data security on an adequate level is surprisingly time-consuming. But there are huge differences in pricing between service providers. When looking for a solution, you should at least ask, is the price model publicly available and how does it scale based on the amount of endpoints.

How many third-party applications are supported?

When comparing centralized application management tools, one of the most important factors is the amount of third-party applications they support. It is obvious that no solution is able to support every single one on the market, but in a standardized environment the users will be able to get support for every application pertinent for their work. Centero Software Manager includes the ability to get support for applications on your personal wish list.

Is cyber security on an adequate level for the needs of your organization?

All in all, neglecting the safety of third-party application updates is a major cyber security threat. While choosing your solution, you should ask yourself: does the solution have the option of creating alerts based on vulnerabilities, does it follow a vulnerability scoring model, and does it monitor vulnerabilities of third-party applications?

Is it possible to reboot and re-configure endpoints when updating applications?

Well-functioning application management solution should give the user an opportunity to choose whether they want the device to reboot after installing, to delay the reboot, or to reboot before installing. The application management solution should not come in the way of pleasant user experience. The same goes for managing endpoint configurations while updating applications.

Do you get an inventory for hardware and applications?

Finding out which applications have been installed and to which endpoint, as well as which version each application is running, can be a real pain. Real-time information on applications installed on different devices as well as hardware is crucial for an efficient IT environment. With application inventory, IT support can look into the applications installed on workstations, device by device if needed, and download data for further processing. 

Is it possible to verify that the update has been successful?

The most beneficial solution for you is that the update process is fully automated and runs in the background, but for verification you can open the Intune portal and see the update as an entry in the description field.

Choose Cyber Security. Choose Ease of Use. Choose Centero Software Manager.

Centero Software Manager matches up to all centralized application management solutions on the field. It is not just that automated software updates save everyone’s time, streamline effectiveness, and keep cyber security threats at bay, but CSM provides a plethora of other well-thought benefits and the support of Centero experts.

CSM is a solution that we initially developed for ourselves to enhance our operations.

It is available to help your organization as well.

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