We are experts in designing solutions for modern, centralized, automated device and application lifecycle management. Centero product offering consists of Centero Software Manager for update and application lifecycle management, Centero Carillon for simple and effective access rights management, and Centero 365 Manager for managing Microsoft 365 environments.

Centero Software Manager

CSM is our crown jewel and our flagship product. Centero Software Manager brings automated update management, patch management, and security updates to every organization in need. Automated updates save precious working time, streamline operations, and keep cyber security threats at bay. CSM is also available for IT service providers on white label basis.

Centero Carillon

Centero Carillon is all you need for your admin rights management – no more unnecessary permanent admin rights with unnecessary cyber security risks and other related problems. With Centero Carillon, you can easily grant temporary admin rights in the device environment of your organization.

“We get new devices readily configured, and all applications the user needs are there when they take the device to use.”

– Patrick Juuti, IT System Manager, Kaukokiito

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

In addition to our main product offering, we provide for example application packaging as a separate service. When you need something specific, something tailor-made, something special just for your endpoint and application management needs, we are the experts that will bring it. Let us answer your call.

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