Admin Rights Management Improves Valmet Automotive’s Cyber Security

Valmet Automotive uses Centero Carillon to give out temporary admin rights. Thanks to Carillon, the IT support gets basically no requests to add user’s admin rights. And when the admin rights are temporary, cyber security is also better.  

Valmet Automotive is a technology corporation offering auto industry services. The work of the company’s ICT Infrastructure Manager Timo Tuominen includes collaboration with Valmet Automotive’s IT-infra-related partners. One of these partners is Centero. 

– We use Carillon on all of our officials’ Windows workstations, and a fair share of the production devices as well, Tuominen describes.   

“Carillon is good product for rights management” 

With Carillon, Valmet Automotive can limit the number of permanent admin rights they give out to users, as Carillon enables them to give the users temporary admin rights. 

– Carillon is good product for access right management. We barely get any requests for admin rights anymore. I’d say that is one of the biggest benefits. And the end-user’s life is easier, as there is a clearly defined process for access right requests, Tuominen says. 

– Another significant benefit is the fact that with Carillon there is a lot less need for permanent admin rights. This in turn means an improved information security. And the third benefit? We’ve been able to actually cut down on full admin rights, as we can manage the environment’s internet-related admin rights separately, Tuominen underlines. 

Flexible support services 

Tuominen is the main liaison between Valmet Automotive and Centero, an has been in touch with Centero sales and support. Any possible issues have been dealt with nicely. 

– Centero has a functional package, and a well-functioning application for rights management. Even though the company is small, support and everything else has been reliable and flexible. I have no complaints, and I can earnestly recommend these guys, Tuominen sums up.