Automating Software Updates Saves Time at Work

Finavia Oyj is using Centero Oy’s Software Manager, which handles their workstations’ software updates automatically. Finavia’s system specialist Tero Ikäheimonen says that the service saves their working time.

Finavia manages Finland’s airports by taking care of security and providing a framework for travel services. Finavia has approximately 1,600 workstations, each with several applications installed. The software must be updated regularly in order to ensure security, but performing the updates manually is very time-consuming.

– We wanted to save time on performing updates, and Centero’s services piqued our interest. Software Manager practically automates the entire process, and the only thing we have to do is deliver the applications to the workstations the way that we want them, Ikäheimonen says.

No Need to Monitor the Applications’ Status

– Centero builds certain updates, software, and packages that are ready to be installed on Windows workstations. Software Manager uploads the updates automatically to our server, Ikäheimonen says.

According to Ikäheimonen, the service saves them several work hours per month. It’s not necessary for a separate person to monitor whether the updates are available for certain software or whether vulnerabilities have been detected in them.

– Software deployment is very simple. In a workshop that lasted a few hours, a certain software program was installed directly on our production server. We also trained our personnel to use the software during the installation, Ikäheimonen says.

Easy Cooperation with a Trusted Partner

Ikäheimonen thinks Centero is a natural choice as a business partner. He says Centero’s staff members are knowledgeable and always easy to contact. Ikäheimonen also describes Centero as proactive.

– We have a positive overall image of Centero. The use of the service frees up time for other development work. Our cooperation has always worked smoothly, Ikäheimonen summarizes.