Carillon Automatizes a Many-Phased Process

Deltamarin is company that focuses on marine and offshore design and support services, and currently operates in Finland, Poland, and China. The company has ca. 400 employees, and all of them use Centero’s Carillon service. Admin rights management and deployment make both the HelpDesk’s and the end-users’ work significantly easier. Deltamarin’s parent company is the Chinese China Merchants Industry Investment Limited (CMI).  – Someone once said that we design anything that’s more than 100 meters long and floats, says Deltamarin’s Service Manager Petteri Nakamura and laughs.

Carillon Tackled the Challenges of the Previous Solution

Before Deltamarin started using Carillon, they had another, somewhat similar solution. However, the previous solution didn’t work quite like they had wished for.   – The users didn’t have admin rights, meaning they contacted HelpDesk whenever they needed the admin ID. This caused several challenges, Nakamura says.   – The first time I heard about Carillon, I remember thinking that it sounded pretty solid. We tested the solution, and saw that it works, and integrates nicely with Windows devices, Nakamura remembers.  

Faster and Easier Work  

Nakamura recalls the implementation as an easy process. After the trial period they decided to implement Carillon for the entire company. After that, everything has been pretty straightforward – if the company needs new licenses, they ask for them. Other than that, everything is automatic and doesn’t require Deltamarin’s attention. The system is the same whether the user is based in Finland, Poland, or China.   – Now that Carillon is integrated with Windows, and the user can perform the operation they need to perform with higher access rights, it’s significantly faster and easier for them to move on with their task. This means an improved user experience, Nakamura points out.   – Our HelpDesk’s work load is a lot smaller, now that the process that used to have several phases runs directly through Carillon. The only task left for the HelpDesk here is to monitor the access right use and what they have been used for, Nakamura continues.   – I’m happy to recommend Carillon and Centero. The product is great for this purpose, it’s easy to use and self-explanatory. With Centero, you can count on things to run smoothly, Nakamura summarizes.