Centero and Enfo collaboration – partnership makes both companies better 

Centro and Enfo have been collaborating for years, and this year Centero Software Manager has strengthened its presence in Enfo’s service model.

“Our collaboration started in 2017, in application packaging, and we’ve had some customers using CSM before. Our early collaboration also included training and consultation”, Enfo’s senior manager Ari Rantala explains the collaboration between the two companies.

“Originally, we had already chosen another product for our 3rd party application updates, but a Centero Software Manager trial convinced us to choose CSM instead. We also had good experiences from CSM for SCCM, and with that in mind, in early 2020 we decided to try out CSM for Intune as well. That proved to be a success, and since early April we’ve brought thousands of customer workstations to CSM’s realm. Nowadays, each new customer is automatically brought into the 3rd party application update service”, Ari Rantala describes the latest steps in CSM collaboration.

At Enfo, CSM is included in both the Streamline Device Care service and the standard device management service. Streamline Device Care is a completely new kind of service Enfo offers for cloud-based device management, and the customers have expressed interest towards the service, included in the Streamline service package. Enfo’s customers get their 3rd party application updates with either CSM for Intune or CSM for SCCM, depending on the service model. CSM works on white label basis.

Now, at the early stages of the contract, the workstation volume is counted in thousands of devices, but the aim is to include about 20,000 devices into the CSM application lifecycle management.

Collaboration creates product development to meet the user’s needs

CSM’s product development always takes the customers’ and end-users’ needs into account. CSM for Intune Application Groups -feature is one of these user-driven developments, and it all started with the needs of Enfo and one of their end-customer

“Our end-customers came up with an issue, and we wanted to find a solution for it, to guarantee a better service and to develop a self-service feature for it. We were really happy Centero was able to develop the Application Groups feature for CSM: it helped solve the customer’s issue, and is now helpful for other customers as well”, Ari Rantala says.

“From CSM’s point of view, CSM for Intune Application Groups is a huge thing and helps us to stand out, as it’s a unique solution for a well-known problem”, Teemu Tiainen from Centero explains.

“CSM’s customer-driven development is a continuous process. We develop the needed features, we add new applications to the list of supported applications, and we improve the user experience based on our customers wishes”, says Centero’s Teemu Tiainen.

User support and easy communication

The good collaboration between Centero and Enfo is based on easy communication and agile operations. CSM’s customer support has always had a central role in the communication between the two companies.

“Even though a service provider can start using CSM independently, we often offer more help for CSM use in the early stages, when the users aren’t familiar with the product yet. With Enfo, at first, we went through some trickier configurations together, from start to finish. But it didn’t take long before the people at Enfo got the hang of how to use CSM”, says Teemu Tiainen.

“It’s easy to implement CSM. There’s been enough user support, and you can always find clear instructions from the thorough documentation. Now we are doing independent implementations through the Centero portal”, says Tuukka Marjanen, specialist at Enfo.

“I think it’s handy to have a single portal where you can handle all Intune management. Management is more efficient when you don’t need separate clients”, says Tuukka Marjanen.

In addition to the Centero Software Manager, Enfo is happy with the smooth collaboration. “The communication with Centero has been easy, and the customer support has done a great job since the beginning”, says Tuukka Marjanen.

“Collaboration with Centero is handy and agile in every sense. It’s easy for us to bring forward both our own and our customers’ needs, and discuss possible developments. A good communication is very important, and I think it’s great how Centero listens to our suggestions and moves the product development forward with our needs in mind”, Enfo’s Ari Rantala says.

More about Enfo:

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