Centero Software Manager makes work flow

Kaukokiito transport services use Centero Software Manager for their application standardization. Automatic installations of applications and updates on all workstations speed up work in a whole new way. The collaboration between Kaukokiito and Centero has been both smooth and prolific.

Suomen Kaukokiito Oy is a logistics company whose range covers the entire country. Their main domain is storing and transporting goods in Finland. They are also in the import and export business. Kaukokiito uses Centero Software Manager for their application standardization.

– We have hundreds of workstations with a variety of utility programs like Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, and web browsers, says Patrick Juuti, IT System Manager at Kaukokiito.

Automatic application and update installations

The collaboration between Kaukokiito and Centero started when the time came to update Kaukokiito workstations’ operating systems to Windows 10. At the same time, Kaukokiito started using Centero Software Manager to enable automatic application and update installations.

– Centero Software Manager helps us to administer which applications and updates that we need and when, says Juuti.

– New devices are always preinstalled. Utility programs are already there, when the user starts using the computer. No one needs to download any applications or updates when there’s a scheduled installation running automatically in the background, Juuti continues.

”I have a positive image of Centero as a company”

In Juuti’s opinion, Centero Software Manager’s biggest benefits are its easy administration, speed, and ease of use. The customer can modify the content of the service package on short notice, for instance if there are significant changes with the used devices. Collaboration with Centero has been going smoothly.

– Centero Software Manager is a system that you don’t even notice when it’s working as its supposed to work. CSM speeds up work, and in the background it’s doing invaluable work updating utility programs and distributing vulnerability patches. In our environment, Centero Software Manager has been working like a charm, Juuti says.

– I have a positive image of Centero as a company. The service has been as wanted and as ordered, and I’m sure our collaboration will continue to be prolific, Juuti coins.