University of Vaasa uses Centero Carillon – “It just works”

The IT environment of the University of Vaasa is largely standardized, and the users do not have permanent admin rights to their own devices. With Centero Carillon service, it’s easy to give individual users temporary admin rights when necessary. Previously installing a new application or a multi-use device used at home required the presence of an IT support staffer. Now everything can be taken care of remotely.

University of Vaasa is a multidisciplinary science university with business orientation. The university has about 5 000 students and a staff of more than 500 professionals. The university started using Centero Carillon in 2016. The aim was to make the admin rights process smoother for both the user and the IT support. 

– Before we started using Centero Carillon, the reality was that someone from our IT needed to be physically present whenever something needed testing or installing. Centero Carillon has freed our time and resources for other work. Now we can give a user temporary admin rights and they can take care of the testing and installing themselves, says Jouni Kangas, IT expert at the university of Vaasa. 

– Implementation was easy. We did the installing together with Centero, and we got constant guidance every step of the way from them. No surprises there, Kangas recalls. 

Border-crossing Support 

Centero Carillon can be used for an even stronger automatization in giving out admin rights, but the university prefers to check what the admin rights are needed for in each case. What this means in practice is the user tells the IT department what they would like to do with the admin rights, and the IT makes sure this is allowed. After that, they just send the user the admin rights activation code. 

– We want to control what is being installed and check if the software in question is allowed. Not everything is, so we need to make sure everything goes by the book. We could give a certain group of users the Self Service rights as well, and lately we’ve been considering it. This would mean more liberties for the lab engineers and other staff that usually need admin rights more frequently, Kangas says.  

In addition to remote work, Centero Carillon has proved especially useful for situations where someone from the university staff has been working abroad.  

– Some of our users are periodically working from abroad. When they face IT issues, the local computer support has usually been able to solve the problem with Centero Carillon. Without Centero Carillon, the user might have had no ID at all with which to work, Kangas says.  

Straight-forward and Easy to Use 

University users have been really happy with Centero Carillon, as it has made the administration process a lot more flexible. Many of the users who contact the HelpDesk already know to ask for an activation code and begin by telling what they would use it for.  

– This makes the process straight-forward. Our employees know the procedure and are familiar with the option, Kangas smiles.  

University of Vaasa has been using Centero Carillon for about 6 years now. During the years they have had practically no issues related to Centero Carillon. Not once has Kangas had to contact Centero’s support. 

– The software is very straight-forward and easy to use, and there’s nothing complicated here. There’s been zero need to contact Centero. It just works, Kangas sums up.

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