Valmet Manages Workstations’ Access Rights and User Groups with Centero Carillon

“With Centero Carillon, you can manage access rights in a centralized manner, which saves time, is easy to manage on a global level, and something Service Desks really benefit from.

Implementation and updates have been trouble-free. We’ve been using Carillon tool for quite a while now, and it’s a suitable and more than anything an agile solution. The guys at Centero have tailored the environment’s default settings to meet our needs to every last detail. It’s always easy to implement any necessary changes with Centero. 

Temporarily higher access right level is also a great feature, and does not compromise information security. The user/device can get a random, temporary password and ID, and for this you don’t to be connected to the internal network, or even have Internet access. 

Centero has delivered us fast and reliable service since 2007.” 

Tomi Hietamies, Valmet Technologies Oy